What is the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Spain? Middle-century history, mesmerizing architecture and modern art, appealing sea landscapes, and sunny beaches. That is it? Spain is a colorful country with a pleasantly warm climate. It influences not only nature that provides a range of tasty seafood and gorgeous orange blossom but also affects people living in this area. People here are fantastically open and honest. That is why many men are searching for Spanish woman to make a commitment in relationships.

Nevertheless, men that are going to Spain to meet Spanish singles should know some facts before buying tickets there. Nowadays, we have the wide spread of globalization, although women are different here from other corners of the planet.

In this article, you will learn something new about Spanish women. Why do Spanish brides wear black? How do you ask a girl out on a date in Spanish? And how do you tell a girl you like her in Spanish?

#1 Be Prepared for Her Brightness

Energy is in the blood of Spaniards. To describe them in three words, a Spanish woman is bright, energetic, and independent. You need to be prepared for this because if you are not used to noise, it will be difficult for you to communicate with Spanish women at first.

Spanish Woman

Spaniards Are Usually Surrounded by Friends

Wherever you are, her friends can join you. This is common practice. Spaniards rarely spend time alone, because you can spend time in a restaurant or on the street! Life in Spain, especially in large cities, is in full swing. Measured lifestyle concerns only work, but when it comes to relaxation, the Spaniards are active.

Hot Spanish Women Talk Loud

Do not worry if you hear your girlfriend arguing with friends in your living room. Most likely, they are discussing the last party or the relationship of their mutual friend. It is normal to be loud in Spain. No one scolds children for this, but rather encourages them. A loud person, according to the Spaniard, is more honest. You can add active gestures, and the Spaniards will take you for their own.

#2 Appreciate Her Independence

The European Union is a place for progressive people where gender equality is supported.

Spanish Ladies Take a Move on First

Spaniards are very sociable, but it does not mean that they are not using social media! You can meet your love in the local application or in an international one and chat online before the real date.

Although, be careful. There is a statistic that ladies in Spain take a move on first. Do not be afraid of it and keep up with the times.

Pay Her Bill if She Does Not Mean

When you meet your girlfriend at the restaurant, ask her if it is appropriate for her that you will pay for dinner. Despite modern views, many women care about gallantry. Buy something special for her, ladies love men for the attention they give them.

However, singles can be more independent and take offense if you ask her to carry her luggage or something like this.

#3 Be Ready to Wait for Her for More Than Half an Hour

For Spaniards, being late is part of the culture. It is true for not only women in Spain but for all Spanish people.

She Will Be Late Because She Wants to Be the Best

Like other women, ladies of Spain need time to get ready for a meeting. Ironing clothes, taking a shower, styling, and putting on make-up are the daily procedures of a girl. Add to this the cultural aspect. The Spaniards do not consider being late for half an hour. Being 45 minutes late is a small delay for them, even in business circles.

Accept or Discuss

This does not mean that the Spanish wife will never be punctual and cannot be relied upon. Knowing about this feature, you can agree in advance that lateness is unacceptable for you. She can warn you if she is late due to some circumstances, or else… Be smarter. Tell her a convenient time for you, but an hour earlier!

#4 Accept Cultural Differences

Being late is just one of the cultural characteristics, but there are many more. Traditions in Spain are intertwined with modern outlooks on life.

She Is Religious and Superstitious

Beautiful Spanish women are mysterious and wise. What lies behind this mystery? Not everyone but quite a few girls in Spain believe in various superstitions and are also religious. If your girlfriend is superstitious, do not give her gift knives or yellow dresses, and do not sweep in front of her feet. It is believed that these are bad omens that promise curses and hardships.

Ancient Traditions

And we finally answer the question. Why do Spanish brides wear black? This is part of the Spanish wedding tradition. Traditionally an orange is considered a wedding flower, which grows in Spain at every step. Black is not mourning in Spain. Previously, a black veil was worn much more often, now it is worn together with a black wedding dress only for a special event, a wedding. It is believed that with black color, the bride says that she will be faithful to her husband until the end of her life.

Spanish Ladies

#5 Be Ready to Meet Her Family

Wife in Spanish honors traditions and also loves their family. Be prepared that in the near future, you will have to get to know her family.

If you visit your family on the weekend, you will definitely be served paella and many other colorful dishes.

We said that Spanish women are independent. Nevertheless, Spanish brides for marriage do not neglect the help of their parents. In Spain, it is quite normal to live with your parents until the age of 30 and still not have a job. Adolescence stretches considerably if you live in Spain.

#6 Keep In Mind That Europeans Do Not Hurry Up With Making a Commitment

A Spanish bride will most likely not want to get married early and have children. In Europe, the age of becoming a mother is quite late compared to other countries. This is due to well-being in developed countries, where people want to devote the best years of their lives only to themselves and their development. Women in Spain are willing to study, flirt, and work hard. And only after 30 years do they begin to get tired of the hustle and bustle and want to settle somewhere outside the city with their husband and children.

Marriage for them becomes salvation from the hustle and bustle. Many girls like to spend time on the beach or in the country before this period, and after that, everything only gets worse.

Relations with a Spaniard will be passionate and, at the same time, reliable.

#7 You Would Conquer Her Heart If You Know Some Spanish

Women love with their ears. It is time to learn some phrases to surprise your hot Spanish girlfriend!

If you are asking a girlfriend to go out with you, you can use these phrases. Here is the translation.

  • ¿Te gustaría salir conmigo? – Would you like to go out with me?
  • ¿Quieres ir a cenar conmigo? – Would you like to have dinner?
  • Salgamos a comer! – Let us go out for dinner
  • Oye, quieres salir junto tomar algo? – Hey, would you like to go out to grab a drink?

If you want to say ‘I like you’, you can say that:

  • Me gustas. – I like you.
  • Estoy enamorado de ti. – I am in love with you.
  • (Formal) Me siento atraído por ti. – I am attracted to you.
  • (Informal) Estoy por ti / Estoy por él o por ella. – I am into you.
  • Estoy colado por ti. – I am hooked on you.


Now you know that you can look for singles in Spain through social networks or in a bar when they are having fun with their girlfriends. Be open and honest, this is what Spaniards love the most. We hope our advice will help you find your most faithful and loving Spanish bride.

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