Armenian Women for Marriage: Facts & Myths About Armenian Females

It may seem to you that hot Armenian brides can be the object of worship for men from different countries. An Armenian woman became not only the standard of female beauty but managed to gain success all over the world. Now Armenian women are among the most desired brides in different parts of the world.

Many Western gentlemen of worthy rank have considered marrying a magnificent Armenian lady. Some others do not have enough reliable information about the unconditional advantages of Armenian mail order brides.

However, if you’re still thinking about meeting Armenian singles, you’ll find everything you need to know. Be certain that Armenian brides are what you’re exactly striving to find. We will tell you some interesting facts, myths, and prices of each Armenian girl and reveal what an Armenian bride is seeking in relationships.

Armenian Women for Marriage

In addition, you will find out what services can bring you to your potential Armenian mail order bride. Some information may turn out to be quite unexpected if you read this guide about Armenian females. All in all, Armenian girls still remain a mystery!

💍 Armenians Singles Rate 48%
💄 Average age of Armenian women 25 y.o
💰 Average cost of Armenian bride From 5,000$ to 10,000$
✅Legal age to marry 18 y.o.
💜The perfect date for an Armenian bride nightclubs & bars
🎁Best gift for an Armenian bride expensive bouquet of flowers
🍒 Best cities to meet Armenian bride Gyumri, Yerevan, Vanadzor
🙏Religion Christianity

Armenian Women: Who Are They?

Armenians are amazing creatures striving for measured family life. Armenian wife always inspires her husband. Armenian girl always strives to reach well-being. Moreover, any Armenian female always knows what she wants. Hot Armenian attracts with her external attributes which are inherent in smooth olive skin, dark and expressive eyes and well-sculpted bodies due to a good physical approach.

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On top dating sites, you will meet Armenian girls with great ambitions and desires. Most Armenian wives become submissive and indulgent to their beloved spouses. Armenian ladies are such amazing people as they carry some cultural uniqueness and history of the country.

Interesting to know:

Beautiful Armenian brides are often offered by international brokers. Under the wonderful appearance, Armenian ladies have a pleasant and at the same time unshakable character. The beauty of Armenian not only drives you crazy but makes thinking about the proposal to marry. Moreover, Armenian ladies have strong family ties aligned with the Armenian family. This means that pretty Armenian ladies expect to work together with their soulmates to maintain the unity and integrity of the family.

Character of Armenian Women


Each Armenian girl for marriage is considered to be hardworking. This is one of the main reasons why she has a chance to get married to a decent foreigner. Yet for some time to meet Armenian women, it was necessary to study the characteristics of working capacity. Men were against this matter as it was acceptable for females not to work. However, this did not stop Armenian wives from doing their best to provide for their precious families.

Interesting to know:

Today, it is not uncommon to see persistent Armenian brides working hard under the scorching summer sun. Armenians simply hope that the harvest will help them provide for their families. Thus, they can set the table with long-awaited products. Nowadays, you can see Armenian females working in different sectors: from schools to influential places in the local government. Armenian ladies also love to learn. Studies have shown that Armenian ladies are more likely than local men to seek higher education in their favor.

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Armenian females are rather family-oriented and this approach is instilled in them from early childhood. Armenian ladies will go the extra mile in the favor of their precious families.

Interesting to know:

The divorce rate in Armenia is especially low since children are the priority of the family there. Many Armenian females marry at a young age and immediately give birth to children which is not surprising for the locals. Taking care of the home and family is of paramount importance. Most of the local ladies consider marriage and motherhood their main goals in life. In Armenia, the nuclear family receives much less attention and a married Armenian girl often lives under the same roof as her husband’s family.


Armenia was the first Christian country. About 95 percent of the Armenian population are adherents of the Armenian Apostolic Church. It would not be an exaggeration to say that many Armenian single ladies are quite religious. They approach worship with responsibility, pray and go to church on Sunday Mass.

Where to Meet Armenian Wife?


Online dating is a convenient option to get an Armenian wife. In addition, this is a reasonable option that does not require large expenses, unlike real meetings with Armenian singles. Why not get your Armenian mail order bride online?

How to Use Dating Website in Armenia?

If you decided to use Internet resources to find unmarried Armenian singles, a few simple steps will come in handy:

  • Choose an Armenian website based on credible ratings and real users’ reviews with a rights reserved guarantee;
  • Go through a short registration and fill out a questionnaire with your wishes;
  • Correctly fill in the profile data and avoid embellishment since in the future this may negatively affect your further communication with Armenian singles;
  • Confirm your email address or valid phone number;
  • Pay off loans or try a trial version of the Armenian website;
  • Set up search filters to choose Armenian girls that suit you most;
  • Choose your perfect Armenian girl and start chatting with her.

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Top Dating Websites in Armenia

  1. CuteAsianWoman;
  2. DateNiceAsian;
  3. TheLuckyDate;
  4. EasternHoneys;
  5. ArmenianPassion.


Armenia is a beautiful country in its own way. There you will find many chic Armenian girls who are ready to marry you. One way or another, it is worth getting acquainted with a couple of worthy cities where cute and charming pretties are teeming. Traveling to Armenia is a pretty effective way to meet Armenian singles.

Here are the top cities that give you the highest chance of doing so:

City Name Dating Possibilities
Yerevan Local population is considerably small compared to other cities. Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and the largest city in the country. Yerevan is home to about 1 million people. Still, beautiful single ladies make up a significant part of the population of the capital. Apart from the beautiful streets of the city, you may invite your Armenian lady to the restaurants such as Tavern Yerevan Riverside giving preference to Minour and Sakurada as well. Choose nightclubs Omega, Prince and Paparazzi at good prices.
Gyumri With a population of just over 100,000, Gyumri is a city that shows you what Armenia was like many years ago. It is also worth adding that most of the Armenian girls living in the amazing city of Gyumri have never met Westerners. Therefore, you will be surrounded by their unbiased attention. Go to Cherkezi Dzor restaurants. You will definitely like Florence or Chechil with an amazing menu. Visit Montecristo along with Diamond Club if you prefer active entertainment with Armenian girls.
Vanadzor This is another optimal city with a tiny population if you want to meet an Armenian girl. Vanadzor is famous for its fabulous historical sights and beautiful cityscapes. Like other cities, Vanadzor hosts few foreign tourists. Thus, you are sure to find yourself in the spotlight of single ladies seeking a romantic adventure. In fact, there are not many trendy places in Vanadzor. Some local girls visit Tashir Pizza, Lori and Barbecue House restaurants. There are also a couple of popular places to arrange romantic meetings: Solenoid club and ReFresh bar.

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Pros & Cons of Marrying an Armenian Mail Order Bride

Even though the first date and getting to know the household can be problematic, keep in mind that value issues don’t just happen! Of course, it can be troublesome to seek an Armenian mail order bride but who of us is not without problems? Armenian girls are charming, intelligent, passionate, modest and refined. Thus, you will forget about other nationalities! This is one of the appropriate factors to consider when marrying a girl from Armenia. Moreover, understanding her culture and the method of emotional satisfaction is the basis of successful endeavors. And if you work hard to provide for your loved ones, these Asian wives will respect you more!

Pros Cons
Armenian females are smart and ambitious ladies who want to meet Western lovers online; Obsessed with work;
Local brides will share your values without going overboard with their non-secular beliefs; Completely obey the family and its values;
Local ladies almost always make the first move and take over in a relationship; It can be difficult to win the heart of an Armenian girl
They plan to continue working even after marriage and having children.

What Armenian Brides Will Choose?

✅Family ❌Vulgar communication
❌Active spare time ✅Online interaction
❌Dinner in an expensive restaurant ✅Quality dating services
✅Romantic vibes ❌Overpriced establishments
❌Overpriced trips ✅Tasty drinks

How Much Is a Mail Order Bride From Armenia?

💌 Travel visa 160$ for American
🏡 Accommodation from 90$ to 200$ – three nights in an average-class hotel
🥑 Food from 40$ to100$ – meal in a restaurant
🛸 Flights from 200$ to 550$ – round trip to Armenia

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Facts and Myths About Brides From Armenia

Remember some facts and myths about Armenian females:


  1. They will take the time to understand your character to make their final choice.
  2. Most Armenian girls work after graduation to help themselves and their families.
  3. Unlike most Western countries, Armenia has a strict process of asking for a woman’s hand.
  4. You will visit the girl’s house for a special dinner but be prepared to bring them sweets, cognac and flowers.
  5. It is customary to smash plates to banish evil from the new couple’s model home and also use the phrase “Can you get older on one pillow” in the process.
  6. Most local men don’t really treat their ladies the way they deserve to start looking at overseas guys who could be a good alternative to ignorant Armenian guys.
  7. If you are dating an Armenian cutie, you don’t have to worry about what impression she will have on your relationship.
  8. If you are planning an elite trip, then expect to double your finances.


  1. They are scammers! There is a fairly common myth about Asian beauties that these ladies swindle money from rich men. There is an opinion that these ladies use men in order to obtain financial benefits without shame and remorse. Possibly, among them are people with bad intentions who want to deceive you. Still, if you go to a reliable dating website, then you may be certain that their data is thoroughly checked by an automated verification system.
  2. Dependent and helpless. This is the following common myth about online wives from Armenia. People say that they don’t need love and affection but just profit. If you go to one of the dating portals, you will realize that Asian singles have different financial statuses and beliefs. Most Armenian women are really seeking their family partners; they are not worried about the financial situation and the ability to fully provide for the family.
  3. They are not educated and do not want to work. There is a disappointing myth that they are uneducated and unwilling to work. In fact, these ladies are intelligent individuals who are seeking genuine love and wish to meet an interesting partner. Usually, Armenian girls register on international websites of marriage agencies as they cannot find a worthy groom in their home country. Many local girls are quite interested in a foreign life partner since it can open up new opportunities for their studies and career.

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How Can I Impress an Armenian Girl?

Feel Confident But Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Although Armenian girls admire confidence, they will not like it if you are too self-absorbed or critical. Sometimes it doesn’t even hurt to show a little of your inner nervousness and insecurity. When you let a girl know that she makes you nervous, she will think about you longer reflecting on your seriousness. First of all, remember that Armenian girls love self-confident guys who are not afraid to show their true feelings.

Start Talking

Talking to Asian girls requires a certain amount of courage. However, it is necessary if you want to draw attention to yourself. There are some key points to remember when talking to an Armenian girl, such as giving her your full attention. This brings us to another key point: you need to listen to what she has to say. Contact her with questions and comments about what she says. In the end, she cares about your opinion.

Stay Optimistic

Even if she says “yes, you’re good but not for me” and refuses you, don’t be upset! This does not mean a lack of interest. Perhaps she just needs time to think.

“When you give her some space, she can better understand herself and see the situation through your eyes”.

(but if this does not happen, do not insist: you should not look like a stalker). Her answer may mean “never and never” but she wants to remain friends. This means you can discover her friends and among the and there may be someone you like. If you maintain a good relationship with the girl, she will even be able to put in a good word about you.

armenian girl for marriage

Best Tips to Have an Ideal Date With an Armenian Bride

  • Pick the right date for the meeting. The date should not be scheduled for tomorrow or the day after tomorrow after you met. Give yourself time to prepare, cancel some of your plans or arrange something. The more attention you give to it, the better.
  • Choose a less formal meeting place.

“When you’re deciding where to have your first date, don’t choose an overly formal place to meet an Armenian dame. It is better to choose an informal entertainment venue”.

  • Remember the purpose of the date. Thinking about things like the venue, appearance, topics of conversation and menus, keep the main thing in mind. After all, the purpose of a date is to show your sympathy. Just don’t overdo it: don’t push where you don’t need to!
  • Choose neutral topics for conversation. Don’t bring up politics, religion or other contentious issues unless you’re sure that you’re on the same page. There are plenty of funny things to talk about so you don’t spoil your date with arguments and boasting.

Final Reasons to Choose Armenian Wives

  1. Loyalty to the spouse and selflessness;
  2. Good sense of humor and sharp intellect;
  3. Good family ties;
  4. Stable support in all aspects of life;
  5. Regular intimate life with notes of diversity.


Are Armenian Women the Most Attractive?

Apparently, Armenian women are some of the most attractive ladies in the world. They know how to seduce and subdue worthy men from abroad.

Is It Easy to Marry an Armenian Woman?

If your Asian girlfriend has reached the age of majority (18), then you can ask her for a hand and a heart without the consent of the parents and the court decision. Otherwise, the lady may refuse you due to religious beliefs and illegal decisions in force.

Who Is the Most Famous Armenian?

Eliza Muradyan is a sumptuous beauty model contest title holder. This is a stunning madam who

What Does a Typical Armenian Look Like?

The physical characteristics of Armenian ladies are a long and curved nose, brown or black hair, dark catchy eyes, thick eyebrows and often fair skin.

What Do I Need to Know About Dating an Armenian Girl?

Make the best impression on this charming lady. Get ready to look 100%, use your brain as a great sense of humor and don't forget about pleasant surprises on the first date!

How Many Wives Can You Have in the Country of Armenia?

In Armenia, it is acceptable to marry one woman, the rest can serve as mistresses. One way or another, be loyal to your precious wife from Armenia!