All men dream about alluring and magnetic girlfriends near their sides. Actually, the choice is huge, considering the number of stunning ladies worldwide. Still, Danish women stand out from many other ethnic groups and nationalities. While chasing the hottest Danish cuties, you should definitely bear in mind gorgeous and naturally sexy females from Denmark. Of course, some guys may shrug and move on. Yet, they will make a big mistake if they don’t try dating extraordinary and unique Danish girls.

Actually, Danish wives are among the best female partners in the world. Their fascinating appearance is a win-win mix with a kind and friendly nature. Romance with such a fairy will make you feel like visiting paradise. Many guys have already understood this fact; that’s why you will see thousands of international couples and their mix-race children in Denmark. Hundreds of men worldwide come to this country to find a Danish wife. They succeed, get married, and stay in this beautiful region forever.

How Do Danish Women Look in Everyday Life?

An average Danish woman looks pretty serious. Their eyes glow with intelligence and calmness. This nation has no specific facial traits or body types. Once a powerful maritime nation on the Baltic coast, the land was home to sellers and sailors from different parts of the world. Over the years, the country merged with Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greenland, and several German lands. It is, therefore, no surprise that many Danish ladies have Nordic appearances and characters. Here are some features and habits that make Danish brides so alluring:

  • Many girls have no car and prefer bikes to move through the city, cycling every day for several hours.
  • Don’t be surprised to see your Danish wife walking outdoors in the cold, in the rain. There is no bad weather in this world, but only bad clothes.
  •  Local women are optimistic about life and believe that happiness is in detail.
  • Danish wives stick to a healthy diet, eating lots of fish, fruit, vegetables, and only seasonal products.
  • Women never overwork, having a maximum of 33 working hours per week, long vacations, and impressive unemployment benefits.

Generally, Danish girls are calm and romantic like Little Mermaid, their famous fairy prototype. They are usually tall and slim, having strong and healthy bodies because of active lifestyles. That’s why there are many sportsmen and models in this country. A swimmer Pernille Blume, fashion models Cecilie Wellemberg and Agnete Hegelund, and an actress Connie Nielsen are top beautiful Danish ladies.

Danish mail order Bride

How to Attract a Danish Bride?

If you are Chris Pratt or Sean Penn, you can do nothing to win a Danish wife. If not, you have to make some effort and learn about a couple of tricks that help you attract a really hot bride:

  • Try to find a Danish male friend first to ask him to meet his female friend. Danes avoid talking to strangers. If you talk to one of a woman’s friends, you will get in the group.
  • Don’t ask her tons of personal questions like the place of living, education, or income. This approach is impolite and makes no sense since it is quite bereft of any romantics.
  • Set a simple and stylish date but don’t keep it casual. Otherwise, you risk having the first and the last date.
  • Never drink too much and get horny. Danish singles are well-mannered and want their first date to be seamless.
  • Think about your look. You should exclude bright colors, especially pink. Instead, gray, blue, white, and green are perfect for dating. Danish brides prefer neutral and dark colors and shapeless clothes.
  • Split a restaurant bill since no self-respecting woman will allow paying for her on the first date.
  • Don’t bomb your Danish mail order bride with messages. Give her space not to scare off with too much attention. Otherwise, you’ll seem weird for her since a Danish single woman hates clingy fellows.
  • You should be yourself without bragging about your social status. Remember that your potential mail order wife is from a rich and stable country with high salaries.

What about sex? Is it possible before dating a Danish woman? Everything is possible in Denmark. It’s common to have a night together before starting relationship. However, if you focused on looking for a Danish wife, it would be unwise to jump into intimacy immediately.

Are Danish Brides Good Wives?

Hot Danish women are very independent. Hence, you shouldn’t expect them to clean, cook, and take care of children all day long. These ladies value their social success and won’t give up careers for love. Besides, singles don’t get married and give birth to children early, like everywhere in the Western world.

Instead, their decisions on marriage and family are considered and reasonable. Local brides want to see a financially capable guy, emotionally and mentally mature. Beautiful Danish women choose confident and healthy men, interesting personalities, and potentially thoughtful fathers. Such a practical approach allows you to count on a reliable and responsible partner. Once a woman tied the knot, she makes a newly created family a part of her inner world. Danes take care of children and always support their husbands. They feature an amazing capacity to keep the balance between work and family members. You will never feel left out near such a Danish wife.

Why Do Danish Women Agree to Marry Foreigners?

Marrying a Danish woman is not easy for a guy from the USA or any other country. Still, there are many mixed couples in this country. Why does a cutie from Denmark want to become a mail order wife? Well, there is no exact answer since each girl has her personal motives. Some brides want to live in the USA and build careers there, while others just prefer a specific type of foreigner that is rare in their native land.

Actually, you will see not many women looking for American men purposefully. Citizenship and ethnicity don’t matter for them. That’s why you shouldn’t bet on your origin but become someone special and indispensable for your mail order wife.

What Are the Best Places to Meet Hot Danish Women?

You can meet Danish women in the USA, Great Britain, and other European countries since they often move there for business, work, or education. It seems there is nothing difficult in picking up one of them. Still, women lack typical facial traits and resemble other western girls. In other words, they don’t get “I’m Dane” stamped on their foreheads. Besides, you are not going to ask every Nordic-looking woman you’ll meet in a pub, “Are you Dane?”

Since all these challenges can make you feel frustrated, travel to Denmark might be a great idea. Once you are there, find cultural places of interest since Danish brides adore concerts, fairs, and fests. In addition, they like parties. Hence, you should consider Culture Box, Vega, and Rust as the best spots in Copenhagen.

You can meet your love even in the blaze of the day. For this purpose, visit popular beaches like Charlottenlund Strandpark and Amager Strandpark, coffee shops, and cafes. Remember that girls in Denmark practice active lifestyles. That’s why women looking for love may wait for you in gyms, swimming pools, and fitness clubs.

Meet Danish Women

What Are Danish Mail Order Brides All about?

Denmark is far away. It’s quite natural that busy men cannot allow themselves to give up everything and leap forward, miles away. Besides, such a trip might be rather costly, considering the time you need to pick up a female Dane. Fortunately, modern techs make things easier. Online dating sites and marriage agencies offer thousands of Danish mail order brides for sale. A high-quality web-based platform will become your best guide and provide tons of benefits:

  • Safe environment.

Legit services have reliable protection and encryption that ensure your complete privacy and discreet dating.

  • Comfortable search.

You can look through girls remotely. If you need to learn about the characteristics of a Danish woman, you can read her profile. The latter will give you an idea of a male order wife’s appearance and personality, her values and requirements. In this way, you can evaluate your compatibility before initiating chatting.

  • You can sort it out.

Many search filters save your time. Just set up desired parameters, and the service will display relevant profiles. Location, age, and gender are basic filters. If you want to narrow the search, you can use advanced filters like height, eye color, education, or habits.

  • Many options at a time.

Dating services usually display dozens of profiles of Danish women looking for American men. It looks like you are sitting on your sofa surrounded by numerous hot girls, having the opportunity to choose one of them with a single move.

  • Money-saving membership.

Most dating sites are very affordable. Anyway, even the most expensive ones will be much cheaper than your travel to Denmark. There is no need to buy a subscription immediately since many platforms offer various free options. For example, you can browse and view profiles for free to decide whether provided brides match your interests and tastes.


Are Danish women for marriage loyal?

Loyalty is an integral part of family life. If you manage to find a lonely Danish wife focused on marriage, you may rely on her devotion. Your Danish mail order wife definitely understands what family means and will do her best to make you happy. Of course, both of you should strive for harmony, mutual trust, and understanding.

Are brides in Denmark easy?

Local girls are not easy at all. They are feminine, but they have been excited about feministic philosophy long ago. Of course, they don’t reject men and marriage. They are just looking for equal and mentally mature partners to share their values, feelings, and life. Danish women are strong and require spiritual strength from their boyfriends. If you take them seriously, they will treat you the same.

How to Approach a Danish girl?

Women in Denmark are wary of foreign men. They have enough romantic opportunities in their native country and won’t chase guys just because of their citizenship. That’s why the direct approach is a pre-failed plan. What is the way? Well, you should apply to one of your friends and ask him to introduce you. Especially since this is not a problem for one man to strike up a conversation with another one.

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