Dating a Russian Girl Advice

In the world of cyberspace, most Russian women receive a number of messages from foreign bachelors on top dating portals. What attracts foreign gentlemen in those pretties? An unpredictable female soul of Russians excites men’s minds making them admire the essence of such ladies.

What does it take for her to reciprocate? The attention of a Russian Woman depends on how you present yourself. To answer this question, it is worth understanding what a Russian woman is waiting for in search of an ideal foreign husband. At first glance, a Russian woman is looking for something incompatible. Western wealth and stability, on the one hand, and Russian romance and generosity, on the other. Understanding Russian women occurs with the help of his sharp mind and certain gallantry that emphasizes masculine features.

We often hear that Russian women combine European and Eastern features for historical reasons. This means that being highly educated, developed and cultured, they are not so infected with feminism. In their eyes, feminism is a kind of disease that has long struck European women and brought American women to the point of absurdity. Therefore, a man for a Russian woman is not just a groom who can demonstrate his independence so that he knows his place. A man for her is hope and support; a real man in whom she believes and next to whom she wants to feel protected and confident in the well-being of her family. A relationship with Russian woman is like the foundation on which lies the foundation of a happy family.

Success in relationship with Russian women also depends on your upbringing and perception of this everyday life. Raised in this spirit, a Russian woman will always expect leadership behavior from you. When inviting her to dinner at a decent restaurant, you should be prepared that your chosen one will not think to pay for her part of the dinner on her own. Thus, next to such a lady is a man who will feed and drink. Male behavior (from the point of view of Russian women) is the ability to be indulgent to her little weaknesses and whims.

How Can a Man Win a Russian Woman’s Heart?

First of all, you need to adhere to some Russian dating rules: 

Dress Neatly and Elegantly

Ladies in Russia are very fond of fashion. You may spend a long time in a decent clothing store. There you may choose the attire that suits you most. You may buy quality leather boots, an elegant suit, shirts, and trendy socks that match your outfits. Russian women watch at the socks! However, this is a simple way to interest them even on the first meeting. This is the highlight of dating a Russian girl advice.

Clothing may not be costly but it should fit you nicely. The salesperson can select your new wardrobe. This somewhat little investment may prevent you from numerous refusals from Russian women. A nice-looking person in their eyes deserves a big chance. Your hairstyle is also in line with current fashion. Try a beard! This trend has been a hit with Russian women lately.

Bring Flowers on a Date

Russia has a “color-based dating culture”. That’s what ex-pats think. A man who comes on a date with flowers is preferable to them than without. Russian girls also love necklaces and earrings preferably branded but not necessarily expensive. Silver is also suitable as a gift.

Invite Her to the Restaurant and Pay the Bill

The more beautiful the place, the more impressions your passion will have. Don’t even think about asking to split the bill. If you mention this, then your chances of winning a Russian girl will fall down.

Walk Her Home and Be a Gentleman

A man is responsible for ensuring that his lady is brought home safely. Don’t try to kiss her or do anything sexually suggestive. Just say “Good night” politely and leave. Be sure to call her the next day to thank her for the wonderful time you had. This “old-fashioned gentleman” behavior will help you make a good impression on Russian beauties. This is one of the essential dating a Russian girl tips.

Time to Take the Next Step

Russian girls are worried that the men who care for them are just trying to use them in bed. In Russian courtship culture, guys tend to pressure girls from the start. If you don’t, she’ll likely quickly put her doubts aside and find you amazing. You may not be able to get everything at once but you will certainly make a lasting impression. Usually, within 5-8 days, girls give you a sign that they want more by leaning on you, grabbing your hand, etc. If you don’t want to wait, take her on a trip to a five-star resort. It could even be a weekend trip. Then everything will develop faster.

Follow the Archetypal Ritual

Change the routines of the local guys and follow the “archetypal” dating ritual. This says that a man should be a gentleman (bring flowers, pay bills) and wait patiently. Follow this simple pattern. Local ladies are the most impressive. Russian women love it. You don’t have to be funny or over-social or anything beyond that. Just follow the instructions referring to the proven tips on dating a Russian woman.

Dating a Russian Woman Rules: Mistakes to Avoid

It’s time to approach the issue of dating Russian woman tips thoroughly. To avoid mistakes on the first date, read this guide carefully. The first date is an interview, an exam, and sometimes the only attempt to start a love relationship. Try not to overshadow a love rendezvous with annoying blunders during dating a Russian girl.

Don’t Be Late

If a lady makes you wait for so long, then she is not late but delayed (make-up, wind curls, unwind curls and pull out hair with a curling iron, try on several dresses, etc.). If you are not able to properly plan your own time as a man, then you will not be able to cope with Russian girls for dating.

Don’t Have a Plan

The last thing a woman wants to hear when she comes to a meeting where you invited her yourself is a sluggish “Well, what are we going to do?”. It so happened historically that the function of animation (at least in the context of the first times) lies entirely with a man.

Talking Only About Yourself

Etching tales that put you in the right light is standard procedure for a first date. But to be limited only to this genre means that it is guaranteed to be imprinted in the eyes of a girl as a talker and a show-off. Tales with your participation and questions addressed to your companion should go in a 50:50 ratio. Adhering to such a scheme, you:

  1. a) will not blurt out too much;
  2. b) demonstrate your attention and interest in the person of the companion;
  3. c) you will not rack your brains about what else you would like to talk about except for the weather.

Mention Your Ex

If the person you are dating shows an unhealthy interest in this topic, you should:

  1. a) characterize her predecessor and situation on personal fronts in a succinct and cold-blooded way;
  2. b) make a note for yourself that the girl is not painfully versed in gender etiquette with foolishness.

Don’t Put a Pretty Point

Many ladies from Russia experience an attack of self-doubt and even begin to reflect on the topic “What if he really didn’t like me?” after a first date. At the very end, let the girl know that you like her unambiguously and openly. Lyrical passages that this was the best evening of your life will do. The leader of the hit parade is still post-dating romantic SMS. For a girl, this is a kind of material evidence that she did not imagine your gaze burning with passion.

Declaration of Love

Among men, there are exalted types who begin to grab women by the hands, declare their love and invite them to take a walk in the registry office even after the first date. It seems to them that this is such a trick: to stun the girl with their hyper-spontaneity and overflowing emotionality. How to date a Russian girl? Don’t rush to take serious action but stay the leader in the relationship.

How to Conclude a Marriage Agreement with a Russian Bride?

If you want to get married in Russia to a local bride, then you should have all the necessary documents. In addition, they are properly translated and have the appropriate seals and certifications for use in the registry office. The process of obtaining translations in the required legal format can seem complicated and confusing. To make sure everything goes smoothly, you will receive the necessary documents translated, legalized and ready to use. The documents allow you to focus on your wedding plans with a charming bride from the Russian Federation.


How Do You Flirt Russian Phrases?

It is enough to pick up acceptable and hidden phrases like: "How about an acquaintance?" "Would you mind joining me for a cup of coffee?" "You smile very sweetly, let's chat with me." Consider no sexual connotations.

How Do You Confess Your Love in Russian?

It will be enough to invite her to a secluded cafe and make a declaration of love. If it doesn't come to marriage, just give her a pleasant surprise in the form of a decent gift or organize a trip.

What Do Russian Women Want?

Above all, these European ladies want to be loved. They want to feel protected and supported by their life partner.

What Are Russian Women Like?

These are pretty attractive ladies with big hearts. They can be independent and have a lot of femininity.