How Do You Know a Russian Woman Likes You?

A Russian woman constantly looks at her chosen one, laughs at his jokes and seems a little embarrassed next to him. If you’re in love with this girl and dying to know if the feeling is mutual, several proven ways will help you to check if a Russian girl likes you. By expressing affection for Russian women, men allow them to open up to them completely, thereby allowing the relationship to move to the next level.

Ways to Know If a Russian Woman Likes You

She is Staring at You

Nothing says interest like constant eye contact with a Russian woman you like. We enjoy looking at people we like and turning away from those we are not interested in. If she can’t take her eyes off you, then she’s intrigued by you. But here it is important to consider the context. Pay attention not only to her appearance but to what precedes it:

  • If while communicating with a Russian girl she confidently looks into your eyes, then most likely she is interested in your personality. A Russian woman is confident enough in herself, has strength, assertiveness and a masculine character.
  • If her gaze glides over your mouth, then a Russian woman likes you. If you notice that she is looking at you furtively and quickly looks away, then most likely she likes you. If you notice such a look, you can safely approach the Russian woman and get acquainted with her.

On the other hand, if a Russian woman breaks eye contact with you and continues to look around the room, this may be a bad sign. That is, you are nothing more than a piece of furniture for a charming Russian woman.

The main sign that a Russian woman likes you: if you are in a company, she says something and first of all looks at you, your reaction is meaningful to her. Russian woman needs to know that she is important to you. If a girl is trying her best not to make eye contact with you, then she’s not interested. The whole process starts at the subconscious level.

She Thinks You are Funny

Good Sense of Humor You have a peculiar sense of humor and your friends constantly criticize your jokes. But your Russian lady laughs fervently at your “wits” and thinks you are the funniest man in this world. Moreover, humor expresses a positive relationship with your Russian woman. 

If she jokes with you, then it means she is interested in your personality. So from now on, stop being cool and dominating women. You can achieve immense success if you tell your girlfriend from Russia a couple of funny stories from real life. A good sense of humor is an obvious and important quality that an ideal man can have. Try dating Russian girls to fully interest her with a great sense of humor.

She Keeps in Touch With Her Partner 

If such a lady likes you, then she may want to get to know you much better. A Russian girl needs to keep in touch with you all the time. As simple as “Good morning!” the message indicates that the Russian girl has deep feelings for you. She will reply to your message as soon as she will know you better.

She Initiates Your Conversations

This is evident for social networks or instant messengers. Often, a Russian girl is more active on the Internet. So if she interacts with you liking your photos, it’s a good sign. Pay attention to how she responds to your message to maintain your Russian relationship in the right direction.

She Asks You So Many Questions

A Russian woman wants to know everything about you and your life in general. She asks about every detail even some intimate questions. If a Russian woman asks a lot of questions, it means she definitely likes you. It also means that such a girl needs to get closer to you. Does your woman break the awkward silence? Does she keep your conversation going? It indicates that your European lady wants to establish a strong connection with you.

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She Lets You Into Her Personal Space

Each of us values ​​our personal space. We keep people we don’t like close by and build additional boundaries. But if a girl lets you into her physical or emotional “space”, then she definitely likes you. All you have to do is get close to her and see how she reacts. If she likes it and even takes a step forward, then there is an attraction between you. She is comfortable in your presence. Perhaps she sees you as a friend but not a sexual partner. Thus, you should not draw conclusions only on this basis.

She Makes Joint Plans

If she does not like you, then she will say that she is very busy and should not be disturbed. But if you hooked her, then she will set a specific date or time for the next meeting. She won’t wait for you to call her. She will start making plans and hope that you will agree. As soon as she starts calling you to chat or meet, you can be sure that the girlfriend likes you. A European lady wishes to spend more time being next to you. At least she will try to organize her schedule so that she can make time for you. Some girls don’t want to date after work because they “look tired”. But she’ll make an appointment to look beautiful.

She Blushes

This is a clear sign that a girl likes you. There are three reasons why Russian girls blush in the presence of a guy they like:

  • Delight;
  • Excitation;
  • Anxiety.

Usually, a local girl blushes in an exciting situation, for example, when she becomes aware of a physical attraction to a man. These thoughts activate feelings of shame and fear of exposure.

Her Voice is Changing

You can tell a lot from a Russian woman’s voice. Changing pitch, tone, and the tempo is a natural way of seducing. If the voice of your girl becomes quieter and hoarse, breathy, then this is a sign that she has feelings for you.

She Glows With Happiness

When a Russian girl is next to a guy she likes, then she glows. People in love look happy and healthy. It’s all thanks to the hormonal surge. When it is present in our body, blood flow increases. With it, the metabolism and oxygenation of the body accelerate. Therefore, you immediately acquire a radiant look. In addition, her pupils will dilate in your presence. This is great because these signs are impossible to control. The eyes can really give her away.

How to Avoid Mistakes in Russian Dating?

Mistakes in Russian Dating

Don’t Interrupt

Let your Russian lady finish and listen to her to the end. Avoid serious topics on the first date. You are trying to get to know each other and not start an argument. Politics, religion, and the topic of exes can be put aside for other meetings.

Don’t Be Distracted By Your Phone

Switch it to vibrate mode and don’t look into it except when you go to the bathroom. Your Russian dame can leave because you kept texting back.

Be Restrained

Don’t try too hard to impress. Instead, try to learn more about the person. Interest is attractive but boasting is not.

Don’t Schedule Dinner as a First Date

If things go badly, you may end up stuck in a restaurant with a person you don’t like. Set up a drink meeting in a nice place next to some park where you can walk if you want the first date to last longer. Choose a place where you can interact with each other.

Meeting Russian and Slavic Women Online

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How to Marry a Russian Woman?

You must contact the registry office (Register of Civil Status) where your fiance is registered and provide documents for marriage. Registry officials require that you provide apostilled copies of relevant U.S. civil documents (such as divorce certificates) for verification.