Dutch women are intelligent and beautiful ladies from the Netherlands. The stories about the soft and gentle ladies spread all over the world. Each of the men wants to touch one time to the pretty Dutch girls and feel them.

Ladies from the Netherlands tend to be good-conducted, specific, and mannered. Men feel shy next to the Duch women. Besides, it is the wrong position. Despite the high manners and demands, dates with women should be simple and natural. Brides are fond of the calm life and natural actions. They will not hurry the events and so on.

To make the date on a nice level, you have to be aware of certain useful tips and recommendations. Foreigners can meet pretty Dutch babes in the middle of the street in the Netherlands. The girls are communicative and open-minded. So, you can ask for help, make compliments, and show other gestures. If the lady is ready to help you, try to invite her for a cup of coffee and tea. Dutch dating culture is simple but structured.

All happens in a row. Agree on the second date on the next day. Do not give for the lady to find another partner. The Netherlands is the country of riding addicted people. Hence, the second date you will spend on the bicycle.

After the bicycle entertainment, the partner should offer a friendly dinner for the lady. In the aspect of intimacy, Dutch girls hot and like to have sex with foreigners. You do not have to date for years, to get to it. Marriage is more serious in their culture, so the relationships can last for several years before getting married to the lady from the Netherlands.

How to date dutch women

Language Barrier

A date with a Dutch woman is an interesting experience. You may predict all for the 100% but forget about the most important part. It is about the language. There are three variants to tackle this problem.

  • English. It is the language of the world. Most young people in the world can say some words in English. Singles from the Netherlands know this language and use it in everyday life.
  • Native language. The Netherlands has several regions. The language for date differs there. Some regions have the Dutch language, while the others are Limburgish or West Frisian.
  • No language. Let’s imagine you are not fluent in English have no sense of how to date in Dutch or other native languages. Then, you have the chance to join the community of learners to make the date excellent. Try to upgrade the level of English or simply learn certain phrases to maintain the date.

How Do You Flirt In Dutch?

Flirt is an essential part of the date in Dutch culture. It is also the first step towards relationships. Whether you want to date the woman, try to flirt in the right way. Typical smiles, bad jokes, easy compliments are not the right choice. All you have to do is to show the desire to know the lady better and stay honest.

The honesty of the Dutch women is endless. You have to be as fair with the woman on a date, as with yourself. Later, when you would know more about the likes and dislikes of the lady, try to flirt as she wants to make it. Dating a Dutch man, ladies can say any compliments and flirt during the date.

What Are Dutch Women Like?

Local women have the same features and manners as the well-developed country, in which they live. Above, you have read about the beauty of the ladies. The intelligence is next to the amazing outlooks of the women.

When you date the girl, you will see how she is proficient and educated. A higher level of education is an important part of life there. Ladies tend to get additional training during their whole life. That is why girls from Holland may find the language common with people of different cultures, mentalities, and traits.

The outlook and the features of the Holland girls will allow you to pick them up from your relatives, friends, and colleagues. Holland woman is the precious gem to date and develops relationships.

How To Meet Dutch Women?

When you come to this part of the review, it is time to get to know more about the ladies of your heart. In case you know how to date the lady, you have to meet her first of all. How to make it? There are several places to meet and start dating a Dutch woman.

Online Dating

Online services are on the top of the popularity, regarding the tendency to close borders. You can overcome thousands of kilometers in one click. Just find a reliable dating agency, and the date will be in your plans tomorrow.

dating a dutch woman


Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. Ladies go there to get an education, work, and live their happiest life in the world. Dating a Dutch girl in the Netherlands, you can visit art galleries, walk around the calm river, see the performance in the theater. There are a lot of street coffees to meet sexy ladies and date them.


Thi city is the second largest in size. Find top popular places like Bird, Nora, Annabel pubs and visit them. People who stay there will welcome tourists. Women like spending time there too.

Final Thoughts

So, Dutch girls are an excellent choice to date and see the future in happiness. It would be hard with the marriage, as fewer and fewer ladies want to get married these days. Still, you have the chance to date.


Are Dutch Women Hard To Date?

Dating with the Dutch lady is easy. Follow a few recommendations and find your own approach to the girl. A successful date is possible when you put certain forces into it.

Are Netherlands Girls Beautiful?

For sure, the Netherlands is of awesome beauty. Women are amazing as from the inner part, as from the out. They are natural, genuine, and honest. The average height of a Dutch woman is about 1,5 meters.

What Are Dutch Ladies Like?

Those ladies are like the precious flower, which needs love, true feelings, and empathy. Given all that, the girls can turn into loyal wives and spouses for the rest of your life.

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