Would you like to find love with someone whose ethnicity and culture differ from yours? Interracial relationships are a topic exciting for many people worldwide. Moreover, dating a Japanese woman is a dream of thousands of men from the USA and other western countries. Oriental ladies in Japan seem mysterious and desired to them. However, many romances don’t result in anything pretty often because of cultural differences. Misunderstanding leads to conflicts, and international couples have to break up. The following post will clear up the big mystery about what is going on in the heads and hearts of women in Japan.

Still, let’s first reveal how many chances you have to attract a Japanese single woman. According to the stats, you have decent prospects since marriages with foreigners have been on the rise since the 1980s in Japan. Now, it’s time to learn the most interesting and maybe even shocking things about local women.

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When Tim first saw Sarah's profile on the dating site, he knew that she was special. They began chatting online and soon realized that they had a lot in common. They made plans to meet in person, and their first date was magical. They have been happily married for years now and are the envy of all their friends.

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When Katherine* signed up for her first online dating account, she had no idea what to expect. She had heard all sorts of horror stories from friends, and was honestly a little scared of the whole process. But she was also single and lonely, and so decided to give it a try.

What Do Modern Japanese Girls Look Like?

If you are one of those fetishizing Japanese ladies, you’ll be disappointed. Of course, modern brides don’t wear kimonos, and they won’t keep you entertained until dawn like geishas. Nowadays, Japanese women look stylish, wearing casual clothes and a minimum of accessories. Instead, they pay much attention to shoes.

Still, standards of beauty in Japan differ significantly from those accepted in Western culture. A Japanese woman usually does her best to have light (almost white) and flawless skin without wrinkles or redness. A mail order wife uses the best skincare to make her face clear and glowing, with the most reduced pores. Women in Japan also try to escape the sun. That’s why they always use sunscreen and umbrellas in sunny weather.

Most brides in Japan feature in-born slim and petite figures. If a mail order wife is not such lucky, she has to exercise a lot to stay slender. Interestingly, women in Japan adore curly eyelashes and regularly visit make-up artists or even resort to eyelid surgery to get rid of straight lashes.

Married Japanese Woman

What to Wait for When Getting Married to a Japanese Woman?

Quiet temper is one of the main characteristics of a Japanese woman. Japanese culture implies calm and polite behavior in any situation, including both family and business lives. Which other features are worth mentioning?

  • Respectful attitude to their culture and traditions.
  • No fear of any job.
  • The ability to support partners in any situation.
  • A highly organized approach to any task.
  • Tolerance to partners, friends, and all people around.
  • Japanese women are good listeners.

While dating a Japanese bride and living with her after marriage, a man can rely on her loyalty and support.

Challenges You Should Be Aware Of

The Japanese language barrier is a number-one issue even if both partners speak each other’s languages fluently. Sometimes, misunderstanding is possible because word-by-word interpretation might be wrong. Of course, all that stuff may bring about tension in family life. Still, patience and desire to improve communication skills will make your feelings stronger.

Speaking of other differences, they are not destructive and even may be cute. For example, you should never take your Japanese mail order wife’s chopsticks since each family member should have a personal pair. Another interesting fact is that Japanese people rarely do renovations, repairs, or any DIY work. Instead, they call the guy or a dedicated service. So, if your mail order wife sees that you are making things, she will be surprised.

Where to Find Beautiful Japanese Wives?

Most acquaintances happen at work. However, if you don’t work in a company somewhere in Tokyo, it’s better to apply to online mail order wife services. Dating sites for marriage are very popular in Japan. They are full of hot Japanese women for sale of any age, occupation, character, and appearance. All Japanese brides want to build families with foreigners.

A trip to Japan to meet a Japanese single woman is not a good idea. Your search will take much more time than your tour can provide. Oriental dating culture can’t be rushed. Besides, how many women do you have to talk to to choose a potential partner in Japan? So, online dating is the most reasonable solution. The best sites with chat rooms and video sessions usually ensure an immersive dating experience that allows you to buy the right spouse.

Japanese Women Looking for American Men: Why Do They Need Foreigners?

So many women looking for American men may seem strange to people from other regions. Why do Japanese singles from such a technologically and economically developed country want to try international relationships? There are several reasons, actually:

  • Some Japanese patriarchal traditions violating female rights are still alive.
  • Men have more chances to build careers. Although girls in Japan can work, female employment grows only in service jobs.
  • Those dreaming about raising children and household chores often have to work. It’s so because salaries are not large, and the companies deduct more taxes.
  • Plenty of Japanese couples have to live with their parents in relatively small apartments. It was normal several years ago, but now, women need more space and privacy.

As you see, Japanese women looking for American men have strong reasons to join the Western world. They believe that they will get more opportunities and meet men according to their requirements.

How to Attract the Most Gorgeous Japanese Ladies?

  • You should have elevated social status.

When Japanese singles prefer funny and handsome boys for dating, they value other features for marriage. Stability and security are very high on the list. If you have a good job and chances to build a career, you have good chances to meet your love in the oriental world.

  • Share the sense of values.

Women in Japan won’t tolerate cheating, disrespect, or rudeness. Besides, they will never date men with gambling or alcohol problems. Such flaws and bad habits are contrary to their culture, where high-quality personalities have always been in demand. Besides, a man should want to have children.

  • Be gentle and kind.

Japanese girls appreciate a delicate attitude towards them. No yelling or physical violence is acceptable. Local brides are usually quiet and prefer to avoid conflicts. So, it’s better to talk to her and explain the issue when something goes wrong in your mind.

  • Good health is a bonus.

Women in Japan become rather pragmatic when it comes to a family. When a woman meets a potential partner, she assures his physical condition at once. In this way, a Japanese wife wants to ensure strong and healthy children.

  • Decisiveness is in priority.

You should be a man of action to attract an oriental girl. You brides will hardly express her desires but will wait for your propositions. She may agree or disagree, but you should make the first move.

Interestingly, men’s looks also matter. Japanese brides don’t like guys with thick facial hair and unpleasant body odors. They cannot stand sloppy-looking men and even a hint of machismo either.

meet Japanese girls

How to Date Japanese Women for Marriage

Once you meet a Japanese woman and start dating, some unusual things may happen to you. For instance, your bride may invite other girls on the first date. Group meetups are quite common in Japan. So, it would be great if you keep some guys benched just in case. Still, making a group date in advance would be the best option. Which other nuances are considerable?

  • Give her an option and escape open questions.

You should show your ability to offer prospects rather than interviewing your Japanese wife. Sometimes, oriental girlfriends are not good at saying their opinions and feel more comfortable with options. Although this is not the pattern, you should consider such a peculiarity. For example, “Where would you like to go?” is the wrong question. Instead, “Do you prefer a café or walk in the park?” is the right way to ask.

  • Beware of physical contact.

Beautiful Japanese women don’t understand hugs upon meeting foreign men since this greeting is not common in oriental culture. So, hugs and cheeky kisses are inappropriate on the first date. Of course, things change when you are a couple already.

  • Present her with flowers.

It’s pretty effective if men give flowers to their girls. Local men rarely pumper their Japanese wives with beautiful bouquets in their everyday life. That’s why giving flowers will definitely impress your mail order bride.

  • Speak slowly to your partner

If your Japanese wife doesn’t know English well, you should speak slowly and ask her many questions. She will never ask you the meaning of specific phrases. Instead, she will be smiling because she doesn’t want to irritate you.

  • Tell her about your serious intentions.

Japanese women for marriage want to meet life partners rather than jump into casual dating. So, don’t say that you are not looking for long-lasting relationships are you date other girls. You should also note that it might be different how Japanese women and western men understand the word “serious.” Hence, you should be specific.

  • Try to read minds.

In Japan, people can understand what others think even if they don’t say a word. It’s challenging for western men, but it is worth trying. For this purpose, it’s necessary to know the rationale behind particular phrases. For example, if a Japanese wife says she’s tired, it means she wants to go to a café and get some rest.

  • Know there is Kokuhaku.

Kokuhaku is a part of the oriental dating culture. If you want to date a particular girl, it’s necessary to say, “I like you. Would you be my girlfriend?” If a girl says “Yes,” you both are officially in a relationship.

Note that if a Japanese woman tells you that she is busy several times over, it means she has no romantic interest. Don’t torture yourself but just give her up and find another girl to get a Japanese wife.


Are Japanese Women Easy?

Oriental women looking for love profess family values and won’t deal with you to have sex only. They perceive foreigners as better men than local guys and expect respect from their American or European boyfriends. Of course, some girls want to have fun, and nearly 20% of lonely ladies agree on relationships but without marriage. So, it’s crucial to be clear from the very beginning.

Are Japanese Mail Order Brides Loyal?

They are loyal and are willing to share your values and traditions when you move to the USA. Still, a man should be ready to become a part of the oriental culture if a couple plans to stay in Japan. In any case, a Japanese woman will always be on your side.

What Will Children’s Citizenship Be?

If you have common kids with your Japanese mail order wife, you can choose an official country of living for them. Dual citizenship is the most widely used option since it allows children to decide on their native country when they grow up.

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