Russian Women Features

Glamor is something that girls from this part of the world cherish. Looking good at all times is a big part of the culture in Russia. Russian girls crave attention, so over the years, they understand precisely how to turn men’s heads across the planet. It is well known that women from cities in Russia are not only intelligent beings but beautiful too. So the question is, what makes these ladies so attractive and beautiful? It could well be in their DNA or their culture. Many have been brought up to look good by their parents; eastern slavs have followed this tradition and enjoy the whole process of looking beautiful. 

There is a massive business in Russian cities regarding beauty salons. It is well known that if girls would like a good manicure or pedicure, they must find a Russian or Ukrainian woman to do it. This is because they are by far the best in the business. Russian people have a real love for beauty and looking good in the mirror. So with all the various beauty establishments out there, there can never be a Russian woman who has no style. These females pride themselves on being the best females out there. 

They are fierce competitors who never like to lose a battle; it is why ladies from the region are so pretty. They will never accept another woman from another nation getting more attention than them. Competitive spirit keeps Russian beauties on their toes at all times. Moscow is at the center of the beauty business; there are lots of beautiful shops which offer the highest quality to girls. Many ladies enjoy heading to the Russian capital city, so they can look at their very best with the latest cosmetics. 

Difference Between Russian and American Appearance

It is a question that a host of gentlemen want to know. There are some huge differences between these girls. Russian ladies are more traditional wives; they enjoy following their husbands and being a helper. Western women used to be like that, but over the last thirty years have changed. They now are more interested in working and their career. The days of them being at home waiting for their partner to return from work with a hot meal on the table are over. The Russian population love to take care of their partner; it is the most important thing for them. 

Another big difference between the two ladies is that Russians have incredible bodies. The same can not be said with American brides; many of these girls are overweight and eat too much. The girls from Russia are more determined to be attractive to the opposite sex. They desire to be the most beautiful women in the world, whereas US ladies are not bothered as much about their looks. They will not spend as much time putting on makeup as Slavic girls. Most Russian girls have blue eyes and fair skin; American ladies can be found to have darker eyes and can have a variety of skin colors. 

Many Russian women will have blonde hair and are tall; it is the opposite of many US brides who tend to be on the shorter side. You will also find that the ladies from Russia will often wear high heels. It is widespread in countries where Slavic women come from. It is all about appearance with girls from Russia; they want to be the best wherever they go. American women have a more laid-back approach to their appearance. Expect a short dress when you see a Russian lady in summer. It is a widespread occurrence. Showing off their long legs is something these girls love to do to get the attention of foreign men.

Characteristics of Russian Brides 

There are many things you can expect when you get to know Russian ladies. These females are not only beautiful but offer a man a wonderful personality. The average Russian woman will have the characteristics listed below. 

  • Intelligence – A high education is standard for females from Russia. Many men understand that intelligence is as attractive as looks in many cases. They usually speak brilliant English, so communication is simple when dating them. They also can hold any type of conversation with an international man. 
  • Loyal – Every man that is looking to get involved in a relationship desires loyalty. Luckily beautiful women from the country believe marriage is forever. Divorce is not high in Russia. Women stick by their men through the good times and the tough times. They are a rock in relationships that help with a long-lasting, happy marriage. 
  • Caring – Ladies from this country enjoy sharing their care and love with the man they admire. It is a pure joy for Russian girls to take care of their loved ones and be the best person they can be. When you are with a girl from the area of the globe you will feel like a superstar, with all the tender loving care you will receive. 
  • Traditional values – Maybe in the US, things have changed as far as relationships values, but in Russia, nothing has. When you are connected with a Russian woman, you will have cooked meals every day and be served like a king. They believe the man must be looked after, and it is their job to do so. 

What more do you need from a partner? These excellent traits make a Russian girl a sought-after commodity. You will have one of the finest friends or partners you have ever had. They offer so much that you will wonder what took you so long to get connected with a girl from Russia. 

How Do Russian Girls Flirt?

You will often find that ladies with an attractive appearance from Russia like to make the first move when they like a man. What signs should you look for?

  • You will understand if they admire you by the way they look at you. 
  • They will make lots of eye contact with those they fancy. 
  • On many occasions, they will play with their hair too. Women from different countries flirt differently, but Slavic girls tend to show clearly they are interested in a man. 
  • When they like someone, nothing will hold them back. 
  • On a dating platform, Russian women love to enter chatrooms to talk with foreign men too. 

So if you are interested in these women, we suggest getting into a dating establishment and entering a chat room. 

Final Thoughts

The features of Russian beauties which make them so sought after around the world are their incredible physical characteristics and eye color. Men from across the planet love the two main features. There is little doubt that when you meet girls from Russia, you should be impressed. 


What is the Russian standard of beauty?

There is no higher standard of beauty than the Russian level. It is the elite level that most women can not reach. The main feature of Russian beauty is the amount of time they take to get ready. Even if they go to a supermarket, they look fantastic.

What is the average height of a woman in Russia?

The average height would be 5 feet 5 inches. It makes Russian girls considerably taller than many other females around the world. Fortunately, girls from Russia have beautiful long legs, making men go crazy. These Russian physical characteristics are very impressive for men around the world. It makes them so sought after.

Why do Russians not smile?

This is something that is said by many people, and there is some truth to it. The culture in Russia is to not show your emotions unless you feel comfortable with someone. Unlike American girls who smile at everyone, Russian girls only smile when they feel the need. It makes smiling more meaningful.