Undoubtedly, Ukrainian women are some of the most beautiful brides in the world. Men are attracted to their looks. Take a look at Olga Kurylenko, and she is a French actress and model who was born in Ukraine. You may have noticed Kurylenko as the Bond girl in Quantum of Solace. She also starred as a supervillain Taskmaster in the Marvel movie Black Widow.

The woman is stunningly beautiful and hints that Ukrainian brides are very attractive. But it seems that the Ukraine ladies beauty is not the only reason why men are attracted to them. Ukrainians are known for having strong family ties and values. Moreover, girlfriend from Ukraine are also kind, with a great sense of humor, and have strong personalities. But what exactly makes them desirable?

Keep reading the article to learn more about marrying a Ukrainian woman and what it’s like. The article explores reasons why brides from Ukraine are considered some of the best wives. Readers of the article will also find out about the differences (if any) when dating Ukrainian girls vs. American women.

Ukrainian Women: Who Are They?

So, who are typical women from the Ukraine? Brides from the country are known for their beauty, but what other qualities do they maintain? A typical Ukrainian woman is hard-working and intelligent. It’s common in the country to obtain a degree and work on your career.

Yes, not every lady is successful due to various reasons, but this fact isn’t discouraging; on the contrary. Another quality is a sense of humor. Ukrainian brides are all about jokes, sarcasm, and irony. If you are spending time with a pretty Ukraine woman, then you are definitely having fun.

Another good quality is their family-orientedness. Casual relationships are not forbidden, and some men and women in Ukraine do like hooking up. But typically, men and women are looking forward to meeting love, getting married, and raising children together. All these mentioned qualities combined, plus obvious sexiness, make beautiful Ukraine girls desired brides among men from abroad.

Ukrainian Women Features: All You Need To Know

So, first thing first, how do Ukrainian chicks look? The typical (but not always common) physical appearance includes:

  • Big blue or gray eyes.
  • Light skin.
  • Light hair (not always blonde).
  • Slim but curvy bodies.

It’s also worth mentioning that another typical image of girls of the Ukraine includes ladies with pale skin, dark hair and eyebrows, and dark eyes. The reason why there is no one image of Ukrainian brides is due to the fact that Ukraine is the home of different ethnicities and cultures.

One thing for sure is that Ukraine beautiful women are hot and attractive. They tend to spend money and time looking beautiful. They often follow the latest trends and are very feminine. Moreover, these beautiful brides have strong personalities and can fix their own issues without anyone else’s help.

Ukrainian Singles Rate 33%
Average age of Ukrainian women 23-28 years old
Average cost of Ukrainian women $1,000 to $20,000
Best cities to meet Ukrainian women Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Mykolaiv

Ukrainian Women

What Makes A Ukrainian Woman The Best Wife?

Typically, hot Ukrainian guys value local brides for a variety of reasons. They are smart, funny, and sexy. These beauties are strong-willed and won’t shy away from difficulties. But what qualities exactly make them so desired. Let’s check them out.


Usually, Ukraine women seeking men from abroad or local guys want to get married. It doesn’t mean they want marriage just for the sake of having a family. They are interested in serious romantic relationships, finding love, and getting married. They are family-oriented, and it’s a very rare occurrence when women don’t want to have children in Ukraine. They become amazing mothers and supportive wives.

Supportive And Understanding Nature

Typically, beautiful Ukraine women support their boyfriends or husbands. Family traditions are strong in Ukraine. If you get married, you have to be loyal to your newly created family, and support its members. It means that both partners have to support each other. If you have problems with work, life, etc., your wife won’t leave you to deal with them on your own. She will be supportive and understanding. Your beautiful bride will help you cope with all those struggles and become stronger.

Beauty And Sexiness

It’s true that Ukraine beautiful girls are physically attractive. This statement doesn’t mean other women are less attractive. It depends on individual preferences. But yes, brides in Ukraine are beautiful. Moreover, these beauties take care of how they look.

It’s common among girls from Ukraine to take care of their bodies. They try to eat healthily and work out. They also take care of their skin and hair. If a woman can afford various augmentation procedures, she may benefit from these beauty procedures to stay beautiful and sexy.

Ability To Compromise

Typically, Ukraine chicks are OK with compromises. It’s a common thing that a wife and a mother may become a housewife if her husband has a high-paid job and can support their family alone. On the other hand, a bride from Ukraine is fine with working on her career to ensuring the family has additional financial sources to feel comfortable and raise children.

When it comes to family arguments, Ukrainian brides are also good at compromise. If there is an issue, they talk about it with their boyfriends or husbands. Together, they find a solution to avoid family or relationship issues.


Typically, pretty Ukrainian women have a degree or even two. When growing up, their parents expect them to study hard since “they are girls.” Yes, it’s a common trend in Ukraine, if you’re a girl, you are calmer than boys. Overall, Ukrainian girls are considered diligent and should study. Parents often spend a lot of time with their children to ensure they study and get an education to be successful in life.

As a result, most kids prefer to study at University to get a degree and a job. So, typical pretty Ukrainian girls have a degree. They are intelligent and well-read. It’s always interesting to have a conversation with a Ukrainian woman, and not just because she has good looks.

Sense Of Humor

Usually, beautiful Ukrainian girls know how to have fun. These beauties have a great sense of humor, and they are friendly and welcoming. Ukrainian hospitality makes guests forget that they are guests and feel at home. But it’s the Ukrainian humor that makes time spent together amazing and unforgettable.


Typically, Ukrainian girlfriends manage to combine several aspects of their lives. They study hard, get a job, and work on their careers. But they also manage to complete most household tasks. For instance, Ukrainian women often cook and clean their homes while also working full-time.

The trend is changing a lot. Most Ukrainian brides today don’t appreciate it when their boyfriends or husbands don’t do anything at home. Yes, if a woman chooses to become a housewife, they don’t mind taking care of their home and raising children. But when both partners work, it doesn’t seem reasonable that their partners don’t help them at all.

Typically, in modern families, Ukrainian men and women share their responsibilities. The division of responsibilities depends on each other’s qualities. For example, if your Ukrainian girlfriend is a great cook (which is usually the fact), then she will take care of the cooking. You may have to take care of cleaning the dishes. Or vice versa.

Find Ukrainian Women

Where To Find Ukrainian Women?

The obvious answer to this question is to travel to Ukraine. But there are other options you may use to encounter beautiful Ukrainian brides. Let’s check them out.

In Your Country

Immigration is a common occurrence. Such countries as Canada and the U.S have become new homes for people from different countries. Yes, Ukrainian brides often migrate to these countries as well.

States with the biggest numbers of Ukrainian Americans include:

  • New York City.
  • Chicago.
  • Philadelphia.
  • Detroit.
  • Los Angeles.
  • Cleveland.

If you live in any of these states, you may be lucky to meet a Ukrainian bride.

Travel To Ukraine

It’s the obvious option. However, some brides may have doubts if you came to Ukraine to find serious relationships or to have casual hookups. If you are determined to travel to Ukraine, consider visiting Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. You should also consider Lviv, Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Kharkiv. The main task will be convincing your potential girlfriend that you have serious intentions. Most Ukrainian women won’t want to date guys who want to hook up.

Travel To Other Countries

Consider traveling to countries where Ukrainian brides prefer spending their vacations. These countries include Turkey and Egypt. These two countries have amazing seashores, and most Ukrainians love to spend time somewhere near the sea. Ukrainian brides also often travel to Italy, the Czech Republic, Croatia, etc. You may consider visiting these countries to meet Ukrainian brides when they are on vacation.

Ask Friends

We live in the 21st century, and many of us meet other people online. Consider asking your friends if they know Ukrainian women. Your friends may even work remotely and have co-workers from Ukraine. It’s an option, so don’t skip it. It won’t hurt if you ask.

Ukrainian Brides & Dating Sites 2022

One of the easiest options to meet Ukrainian brides is to use online dating websites. You don’t have to travel anywhere or spend a lot of money. Just create a profile and try communicating with Ukrainian women online. Consider using websites from the table below.

UkraineDate One of the biggest sites with profiles of women from Ukraine
InternationalCupid The biggest international dating app
eHarmony Enables to find Ukrainians in the U.S, Canada
Tinder The most popular app
SingleSlavic Has profiles of women from Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, etc.

Quick Tips To Have An Ideal Date With A Ukrainian Bride

In the next section of this article, readers will find out that the dating culture in Ukraine isn’t any different from other Western dating cultures. However, one should consider some tips that will make a date perfect. here are these tips:

  • Be yourself. Ukrainian brides are looking for love, and they want to meet compatible men. If after some time they learn that you are a different person, they won’t be happy. So, don’t pretend to be someone else.
  • Bring flowers. Ukrainian women love receiving flowers from their partners. Note: Choose bouquets that consist of odd numbers. Ukrainians bring even numbers of flowers in a bouquet to funerals.
  • Flirt and use your sense of humor. Ukrainian women are easy-going and friendly, and they prefer foreign or Ukrainian male features that include a good sense of humor.
  • Prove you are trustworthy. It will take a while, but you should convince your Ukrainian bride that you are true to your word. The easiest way is always to do what you promise.

These are some general tips. The best piece of advice is to learn more about your girlfriend and what she likes to do. The good news is that Ukrainian women also love to make surprises for their boyfriends. So, she will try to learn about your preferences too.

Ukrainian Brides

Dating Ukrainian Women Vs. American Women

It’s not that different to date a Ukrainian or an American woman. The dating culture in Ukraine is just like everywhere else. However, men should note the age of girls from Ukraine. Typically, girls who have already graduated and got a job prefer to pay for themselves when on a date. If a girl is younger and still studying, she isn’t financially free, so she will let you pay in the restaurant.

But this situation is similar in most countries. In Ukraine, men and women often argue about who should pay. Some women believe they should pay for themselves, while men think it’s their job to pay for their girlfriends. Often beautiful girls of Ukraine prefer to let men pay for themselves to avoid making a scene. But overall, when men and women in Ukraine start dating each other and move in together, they divide their responsibilities and payments.

Another important aspect is the type of relationships. Ukrainian brides want to get married. The main purpose is to find love, get married, and raise children together. A career also plays an important part, but most women prefer combining these two aspects. It’s rare that a Ukraine girlfriend has no job, even though some ladies prefer to become housewives.

The key takeaway here is that brides from the said country prefer serious dating. In some cases, casual dating is OK, but still, most ladies want to get married. It doesn’t mean they want to marry anyone just for the sake of getting married. It means they are interested in serious relationships, not in one-night stands.

Overall, if you compare dating women from Ukraine and the U.S, there are not many differences. In reality, it depends on each individual situation. It’s OK to have intimate relationships before marriage, to live together, etc. But at some point, the guy has to propose. If you love each other, you have been living together for a while, and everything seems to be great, there are no reasons to postpone marriage.


Ukrainian brides are beautiful and sexy. They spend a lot of effort, time, and money to look good. But physical attractiveness is not the only thing that attracts men. These beauties are supportive of their partners. They are loyal to their families, are amazing mothers, and are great wives.

Ukrainian brides have strong personalities, which make them perfect partners. They are willing to compromise to make their families stronger. They are friendly and easy-going. Ukrainian women also know how to have fun, and they are intelligent. All these qualities combined make it easier for them to find husbands who love them for who they are.


Who Is the Most Famous Ukrainian?

It depends on what exactly you mean. If you mean the most famous Ukrainian woman, then, perhaps, it's Olga Kurylenko. However, Olga Kurylenko has French residency, so you may want to learn about some of the most popular and beautiful Ukrainian women who live in Ukraine. It could be Dasha Astafieva. This beautiful woman is a Ukrainian singer and a model. She appeared on the 55th Anniversary Playmate for American Playboy.

How Many Wives Can You Have in Ukraine?

You can only have one wife in Ukraine. Even though Ukraine is home to people of different ethnicities and religions, including Islam, officially, you can only marry one woman or one husband. You can't marry twice in Ukraine. Typically, marrying someone from Ukraine means they expect you to be loyal and faithful. Cheating is a no-no in the country.

Are Ukrainian Women Known for Their Beauty?

Yes, even though Ukraine cuties have never won the Miss Universe contest, they are clearly strikingly beautiful. Most men value brides from Ukraine because of their light hair, blue or gray eyes, and curvy (yet slim) bodies. Typically, a lot of men worldwide consider Ukrainian brides to be some of the most beautiful ladies. This fact is proven by various polls.

What Do I Need to Know About Dating a Ukrainian Girl?

Whether you are dating hot Ukraine guys or girls, there are not many differences. The dating culture in Ukraine is a typical Western culture. People meet each other. They are attracted to each other. They start dating, move in together, or become more intimate. Then after a while of dating, they get married if they love each other. It means you mustn't worry about not understanding the dating culture in Ukraine.

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