Why Russian Women So Beautiful?

Despite the cult of individuality, piecework and dissimilarity to the rest, modern European ladies strive to be “no worse than others.” Beautiful Russian women have adaptive preferences imposed from the outside. The beautiful half of humanity invariably strives to fit itself into them. Such a desire was characteristic of Russian beautiful women at all times and not only now. However, the canons of attractiveness are changing at the speed of light.

How Have the Standards of Female Beauty Changed in Russia?

Beautiful in Russia were considered puffy Russian ladies with high breasts, a wide pelvis, rounded hips and strong legs. If stateliness and high growth were added to these qualities, then the girl was a real standard of beauty. It is desirable that she had a straight back without a single sign of stoop and a majestic proud camp “like a peacock.”

A well-fed and ruddy lady personified well-being and health. For men in Russia, such a woman was ideal in every way. The main criterion to choose a wife was endurance and physical ability for frequent childbirth. It was not enough to give birth. It was still necessary to feed and raise children while simultaneously doing housework. Skinny girls were not suitable for this as they were considered sick and even crippled. They were not considered future wives, bypassed, and even called witches behind their backs.

Another advantage of a beautiful bride in Russia is a long and thick braid that symbolized femininity and maiden honor. Thick and healthy hair testified to the good genetics of the girl and the possibility of giving birth to healthy offspring. The owners of light blond braids were considered the most attractive.

According to fairy tales and epics, the beauties were white-skinned and ruddy with thick black eyebrows. To give the face the “correct” shade, the young ladies were powdered with harmful lead white. The blush was painted with beetroot juice. Looking at pretty ladies from Russia in the modern world, one can say that they are some of the most beautiful!

Beautiful Women From Russia: Characteristics

You will meet a number of beautiful females whose attractiveness and beauty are admired everywhere. For e.g., a trip to Russia is special. Russian beautiful ladies are significantly beautiful creatures on the globe.

Why attractive Russian women are so popular and desirable?


Russians are particularly concerned with fashion and latest trends. Garnment must fit a hairstyle because without it there is no way. Add the right high heels along with other parts look neat and perfect. Pay close attention to your shoes. Thus, fashionable Russian girls choose walking in high heels on even when it’s getting cold in winter. However, no local women complain about such a challenge. They are always striving to look good. This is an integral part of Russian beauty standards.

Russian girls prefer to dress elegantly and stylishly whether they are going to to work or while going to the local store nearby. Leaky jeans which wear most Europeans is an inappropriate alternative for any Russian lady. Such freaky clothing will never be found next to chic dresses and stylish skirts. However, stylish image demands a certain cost. Nevertheless, it’s desirable if you are dating attractive Russian women.

Distinct Culture

Russia is a big nation with distinct racial groups and cultures intertwined. Consequently, the hereditary variousness of the inhabitants refers to a local woman who may have several ethnic roots at once. Only particular countries may boast this pronounced variety which creates the magnetism of local women intriguing.


The next feature that comes to the final distinction of Russian ladies is good education. In a European girl, everything is beautiful especially when we consider their appearance and sober mind as well. Russia was the first land to present certain establishments for female students. About 40% of women in Russia gained higher education. Fair sex is not bad along with males even in science. About 40% of jobs are held by women scientists. It indicates that Russian women are quite smart and well- educated. The following features are good reasons for Russian women.


Natural beauty is another riddle of women from Russia is. Naturalness is individuality. Hurry to Russia to see its glory. Thus, you won’t have any questions why Russian women are beauties in this world. The common image of a Russian beauty is defined as “stylish lady in daily life.” A Russian woman has many fashionable clothes in a wardrobe. Meet Russian beauty online to make it easier to find the perfect partner.

Popular Stereotypes of Russian Women

Men’s role in the family is rewarded publicly and privately while women are effectively punished with double workloads at home and at work. The trend towards retraditionalization and remasculinization has affected women’s employment opportunities. Still, the opinion polls give grounds for cautious optimism that Russian society has not supported a full return to traditionalism in the world of work.

Patriarchial Victims

In Russia, women are considred to be very dominated by males. This is how the European “weaker sex” accepts a social structure in Russia. In the West, the attitude towards females and the position of a Russian woman is very ambigious, unlike  Russian reality. Emancipation dominates “on paper” and in public opinion as well. It is not widely accepted to pay for a lady, hold the door for her or help with heavy bags. 

And this is far from that men “revenge” females for feminism. This is because it may offend a pretty creature resulting in a troublesome misunderstanding. European females are pleased with this position. Looking at the order in the country of Russia, where it is customary to look after females, they are perplexed why compatriots do not declare a revolution and thus, overthrow male chauvinism in this regard.

Woman is a Head of a Family

Many foreigners argue that hidden matriarchy reigns in Russia to these days. This paradigm is partly correct indeed. In most cases, the whole economy rests on the womens’ shoulders. Even when a man reached a dead end, a woman still finds a way out. All in all, a European wife from Russia is responsible for house and family. However, the last word remains with the stronger sex.

Russian Women Make Professional Chefs

Most Russian women are good housewives who know how to cook a traditional beet-root soup. If she does not know the recipe for such a “mysterious dish”, then she is not a Russian girl but pretends to be. A stereotype that local women do nothing but cook is very popular, especially among Americans. Most American girls do not know how to cook at all. Americans just can heat it up in the microwave. Unfortunately, in many Russian cities, this stereotype is not relevant.

Russian Women Lack of Self-Confidence

Even HR experts note that Russian women being ideal candidates will always respond to the vacancy provided. They need to be convinced that they deserve higher positions. If they think that they are not suitable for certain requirements, they will not send a resume. The same is true “on the road”. Local women drive worse than men. Still why? Because everyone knows them better!

Russian Women are Pragmatic

A Russian woman can be described as selfish and insensitive. She might have a purse instead of a heart and with the same empty brains as her hair seems. This stereotype appeared in the 90s when thousands of beauties from the countries of the Soviet Union rushed across the opened borders seeking beautiful and stable life in the Western countries. There’s a conviction that such girls are ready for anything to obtain foreign citizenship. Even at present, if you have a visa, you have to explain to officers that the main goal of the trip is business or tourism but not the search for the second half.

Where to Find the Only Woman From Russia?

Find beautiful in Russian women online. This is one of the easier and more convenient ways to get to know someone. One way or another, you can view the profiles of unmarried Eastern European beauties. Also, do not forget to consider the Russian bride price so that you are completely satisfied with the services and conditions for using the online portal you have chosen. 

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How to Marry a Russian Bride?

Procedures are subject to change without notice. The information provided is a guide that you may find helpful. In addition, the procedures listed below may not apply to US citizens who intend to marry other Americans or third-country nationals in Russia. The necessary translation can be obtained at any certified translation center where there is a Russian notary.

Final Verdict

If you meet a charming Russian woman, you can be lucky! These are very beautiful, feminine and attractive ladies with whom it is possible to build a future. Do not go into generally accepted stereotypes and listen to your mind!